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What is Commercial Cleaning? Commercial Cleaning Service FAQs

15 May 2024

What is Commercial Cleaning? Commercial Cleaning Service FAQs

Taking the step to hire a commercial cleaning company is a positive sign of successful business growth.


It’s an indicator that your company is moving to the next level and you’re ready to make smart delegation decisions that will benefit your clients, customers and staff, as well as your bottom line. 


But if you’re new to the prospect of hiring a commercial cleaning company, you’ll naturally have some questions about the service – what it includes, what it entails, and the benefits of calling in the experts. 


If you’ve been in the commercial sector for any length of time, you’ve probably heard a little about this service sector but you might not be fully clear about what’s involved. 


So, in this post we’ll answer some of the frequently asked questions business owners may have about commercial cleaning, to help you get a sense of the advantages of this service, and how taking this step can be the right move for your business.


What are commercial cleaners?


Commercial cleaning services are teams of highly skilled and professional cleaners that specialise in serving businesses and commercial ventures.


There are commercial cleaners for every type of business – from small shops and offices, to world-class multinationals that serve a high-calibre global clientele.


Their role is to keep commercial spaces clean, tidy, safe and hygienic, as well as looking smart, organised and professional for workers and visitors. 


What services do commercial cleaners offer?


It can vary from one commercial cleaning company to another, as some may specialise in certain niche services, but generally, professional cleaning services will include some or all of the following;



How eco-friendly are commercial cleaners?


In our increasingly conscious world, many commercial cleaners do all they can to be as eco-friendly as possible. Here are 9 green office ideas for businesses.


The range of green cleaning products is expanding all the time, and many of these harness the power of natural ingredients to achieve excellent cleaning results.


Professional cleaners also use a selection of industrial cleaning equipment, which is often more environmentally friendly than residential cleaning methods.


Our teams are dedicated to providing outstanding commercial cleaning services with sustainable practices at the forefront. ThinkFM is a Neutral Carbon Zone certified company and here is our environmental and biodiversity policy.


What are the benefits of hiring commercial cleaners?


Perhaps the main advantage of hiring experienced commercial cleaners is the standard of service that you’ll receive. If it’s important that your company’s premises are kept looking tidy and sparkling clean, hiring the experts can make great business sense. 


Studies have shown that the well-being of your staff and workers is affected by the quality of their working environment.


So, ensuring the highest standards of organisation and cleanliness in your business can deliver a great return on investment, in terms of employee satisfaction, improved well-being, reduced absenteeism and a lower staff turnover. 


  • Well-kept business premises can also allow for increased productivity, which is another way hiring commercial cleaning companies can make financial sense. 
  • A sparkling clean and tidy workplace is also a good way to build a reputation with your industry as a successful company, one that values both its employees and its clients or customers.


Given the popularity of online reviews, neglecting basic maintenance standards in your premises can impact your business reputation, and as a result, affect your bottom line. 


This is why so many companies can see the value and benefits of delegating this important aspect of modern business to the professionals.


For more information, read this guide on the benefits of hiring a professional office cleaning service in London.


Now that you can see the many benefits of opting for commercial cleaning companies, you might be wondering how to get started with finding the right team for you.


So, here’s a quick guide to getting started with a quality provider who will meet your needs.


How to choose a commercial cleaning service


Choosing the right cleaning service begins with being clear on the type of service your business needs.


Do you require daily office cleaning? Or perhaps you need regular deep cleaning services to keep your premises hygienic and safe.


Once you know the type of service you require, do a quick search online to find the best providers in your local area. Then take a look at the independent reviews for your favourite choice. 


The best commercial cleaning companies will proudly display their customer testimonials and they’ll have a high number of 5-star reviews on their website or in the Google search engine results page.


Look for accreditations or certifications from bodies such as the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO). ThinkFM has received ISO 9001 for Quality Management, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management.


Also check to see if the company is an accredited Living Wage employer. This is voluntary but it goes without saying that giving cleaning staff a better salary improves their productivity and overall quality of work.


Once you’ve decided which company is the best fit for your business goals, get in touch for a consultation or free estimate. 


Here at Think FM, we’re always very happy to speak to new business owners who have questions about their unique requirements. We provide services for office cleaning in London and retail cleaning in London too.


If you can see the benefits to your company in hiring experienced professionals to manage your cleaning requirements, get in touch with us today. We’d be delighted to discuss your unique needs and how we can help.

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Think FM Commercial Cleaning ISO 14001 badge
Think FM Commercial Cleaning ISO 9001 badge
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Think FM Commercial Cleaning ISO 45001 badge
Think FM Commercial Cleaning ISO 14001 badge
Think FM Commercial Cleaning ISO 9001 badge
Think FM Commercial Office Cleaning Safe Contractor badge
Think FM Commercial Office Cleaning Living Wage accreditation