Office cleaning has never been more important. Are you unhappy with the quality of your current cleaners or would you just like to know what options are available to you?


A sparkling clean and tidy workplace will increase the productivity of staff, decrease stress and make working a pleasurable experience. Scroll down to see some other benefits you might not be aware of.



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Benefits of a
clean office

Wondering why it's so important to keep your office clean, tidy and sanitised? Our infographic outlines the benefits

Safe Workplace

  • Half of employees are anxious about returning to the workplace
  • Hygiene programmes help to ensure a COVID-secure workplace
  • Tidy, clear desk policies enable all surfaces to be cleaned and sanitised

Workplace Confidence

  • One in five not satisfied with workplace measures currently in place
  • Mobile misting kills 99.9% of viruses, including coronavirus
  • Sanitisation programmes and clear desk policies inspire confidence

Healthier Workplace

  • The average desk can host more bacteria than a public toilet seat!
  • Sanitising prevents viruses from circulating, drastically reducing sick days
  • Sick days cost British businesses £77 billion a year in lost productivity

Increase Productivity

  • Fresh, clean air increases employee productivity by around 11%
  • Misting programme removes bacteria from the air as well as all surfaces
  • Uncluttered workspaces increase productivity and reduce cleaning time

Decrease anxiety and stress levels

  • Sanitising your workplace provides peace of mind
  • Cleaning and decluttering creates a calming environment
  • 63% of employees get annoyed when colleagues' desks are messy


Think FM Solutions can provide an extensive range of office cleaning options at affordable prices.

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