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What Services Are Available For Typical London Office Cleaning?

18 June 2024

What Services Are Available For Typical London Office Cleaning?

When it comes to London office cleaning, what are the different types of services available to use?


Commercial cleaning covers many aspects. There’s the typical daily office cleaning service but depending on your specific needs, it’s highly likely you’ll need something a little different now and again.


Certain types of floors need careful cleaning, for example. Windows attract dust and dirt over time, but how do you clean them outside when they’re several stories off the ground? Then there are the communal areas…


It all means that offices can require a variety of cleaning services over time. In this article we’ll run through the different services available for office cleaning, starting with the option you’re most likely to expect.


Daily office cleaning


This is your typical office cleaning service, provided by dedicated commercial cleaners. They should be highly skilled, professional cleaners that specialise in serving businesses and commercial ventures rather than residential homes.


Their role is to keep offices clean, tidy, safe and hygienic for the staff that work there. They also make sure the office looks smart, organised and professional for any visitors, including clients.


We’ve written plenty of guides about what to expect with daily office cleaning, including:



Here is our core office cleaning London service for more details.


Communal areas cleaning


There are a few different things to think about when it comes to the communal areas in your building.


In many cases, they see a lot more foot traffic than the offices themselves. Take a reception area, canteen or outdoor area, for example.


These spaces could be communal areas for different offices or companies, with ad hoc visitors also coming and going.


Concerns include:


  • Importance of keeping these areas looking clean and tidy to impress clients and visitors, presenting a strong image to newcomers and taking pride in appearances
  • Stopping the spread of bacteria – there’s a higher risk in these areas due to the number of people using them


Our team delivers communal areas cleaning services for all common parts of the building – we clean corridors, lifts, lobbies and more, while also providing yardman services for outside.


Specialist floor cleaning


Speaking of foot traffic, without specialist floor cleaning, floors can experience a lot of wear and tear over time.


Whether in the office itself or a communal area, floors are the one surface guaranteed to need cleaning. You can spend time in a room without touching any other surface, but you’ll always be in contact with the floor!


The challenge is, there are so many different types of floors. Different materials require their own bespoke cleaning practices to maintain their quality and get cleaned to a high standard.


Only specialist floor cleaning teams have the means of identifying how to clean specific floor surfaces, then accessing the right cleaning tools and products.


Our flooring teams are among the most experienced and skilled specialists in the UK. From natural stone surfaces to carpets and wooden floors, our staff deliver exceptional restoration results and our maintenance programmes help prolong the longevity of your flooring.


After all, we also provide retail and boutique cleaning services for some of the most prestigious stores in London. Think of the floors these boutiques have and the kind of careful cleaning they need – that’s what we do!


Window cleaning


Even if no-one ever touches the windows, they will gather dirt over time. Why?


Because outside, dirt from the air accumulates on the windows. And of course if it rains – a regular occurrence in the UK – that can make the windows dirty too.


Some people will only ever see the windows of your office, from the outside looking in. And for those on the inside looking out, it can be demoralising to see dirty windows.


Furthermore, cleaning windows helps maintain their durability. They are exposed to the elements and need regularly scheduled cleaning to improve their longevity.


Here’s how our window cleaning service works:


  • At lower levels, we use traditional window cleaning methods combined with pole-fed systems to ensure sparkling glass and great results
  • At higher levels, our cleaning team always prioritises water-fed pole systems because it is the safest and most effective way to clean these windows


We clean all the glass until it’s both smear and stain-free.


Fogging and misting


As became clear during the COVID-19 pandemic, an unclean office space can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.


For employers and employees alike, this is a major concern – not simply in terms of physical health. Even if an illness is minor, increased absenteeism affects company productivity.


Regular cleaning and disinfection practices, such as fogging or misting, play an important part in preventing the spread of all illnesses, not just coronaviruses. Our team uses technology that kills 99.9% of all bacteria.


Final thoughts: What services are available in typical London office cleaning?


We hope this guide has helped you find out about the different types of commercial cleaning services that are available.


Want to know more? Recently we’ve covered some of the most common commercial cleaning FAQs.


And if you’re choosing a London office cleaning company, what should you ask? Search their website for relevant and reassuring accreditations.


Certifications from the likes of the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) and the Living Wage employer programme are good signs, we would argue.


As you’ll know by now, Think FM is a commercial cleaning company in London with the highest standards.


There’s no need to worry about our professional office cleaners getting in the way of your work – we adjust our working hours to suit you and our service is available 24/7.


With over 200 commercial cleaners working daily in London alone, rest assured that we’ll clean your building professionally and on time.


So if you have any questions about our office cleaning services for London offices, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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