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How To Boost Employee Productivity With A Clean Office

14 March 2024

How To Boost Employee Productivity With A Clean Office

In this guide, find out how a clean office can improve employee productivity – providing both physical and psychological health benefits.


A clean office isn’t just about aesthetics – regular cleaning provides a surprising array of physical health benefits for your staff, helping them work more efficiently. It can also reduce absence rates, saving businesses many lost hours.


In the UK, in 2022, there were 185.6m lost working days due to sickness or injury according to the Office for National Statistics – a record high. Nearly a third of these lost days were due to minor illnesses (29.3%) which a clean office can help prevent.


Read on to learn more about how a clean office helps employees feel better at work, creating an optimal environment free of distractions or health hazards.


Find out how to improve productivity at work with a clean office and also, whether it’s possible to measure employee productivity post-cleaning.


Physical health benefits from regular office cleaning


Here’s how a clean workspace can keep your employees healthy and happy, ready to achieve their goals efficiently and to high standards:


Fewer sick days


  • Offices are breeding grounds for germs – staff touch their desks, keyboards, and phones regularly, risking the spread of bacteria and viruses.
  • Consistent cleaning with disinfectants disrupts the build up germs, stopping the spread. 
  • This translates to fewer team members getting sick, reducing absenteeism and boosting workforce productivity.


Fewer allergies


  • Dust mites, pollen, and mould thrive in cluttered spaces – regular cleaning with vacuuming and dusting minimises these allergens.
  • This is especially helpful for employees with allergies or asthma. A clean environment can significantly reduce allergy symptoms, allowing them to breathe easier and focus better.


Improved respiratory health


  • Dust isn’t just irritating and visually unappealing, it can also exacerbate respiratory problems. 
  • Regular cleaning removes dust particles that can trigger coughing, wheezing and difficulty breathing.
  • This is particularly beneficial for those with pre-existing respiratory conditions.


Reduced risk of infection


  • A clean office minimises the spread of dangerous bacteria that can cause nasty infections.
  • This is especially important in areas like kitchens and bathrooms, where proper sanitation prevents the spread of harmful pathogens.


Better overall physical wellbeing


  • The physical benefits of a clean office have a domino effect on overall wellbeing and productivity at work – more on this shortly.
  • Reduced illness and fewer allergies mean employees feel better physically, increasing their energy levels!


You can also monitor cleanliness standards as part of regular health and safety inspections in the office.


A clear desk policy is one good way to keep the level of cleanliness consistent over a long period of time. Also, here is an office cleaning checklist you can use to make sure every base is covered for the inspections.


Optimal physical health helps create an environment where staff feel better psychologically too:


Psychological health benefits from regular office cleaning


The impact of a clean office extends far beyond a shiny floor. Regular cleaning offers a range of psychological benefits that can significantly improve staff well-being and create a more positive work environment with productive employees.


Improved focus


  • Clutter and mess can be visually overwhelming, leading to increased stress and difficulty concentrating.
  • A clean and organised space, on the other hand, promotes a sense of calm and clarity. 
  • A tidy workspace can lead to improved cognitive function, allowing employees to focus better, make fewer errors and experience a general decrease in stress levels.


Better moods


  • A messy environment can be demotivating and contribute to feelings of frustration and negativity.
  • Conversely, a clean one creates a more positive and inviting space, improving job satisfaction and office productivity.
  • Fresh smells, clear surfaces, and an organised atmosphere can significantly improve employee mood and overall well-being. 
  • This positive shift can lead to increased happiness, higher morale and a more enjoyable work experience.


More control


  • When employees feel their workspace is clean and organised, they’re more likely to feel a greater sense of control over their immediate environment.
  • This contributes to a higher sense of ownership and pride in their work area, plus a more positive attitude towards their job and the company as a whole.  
  • Employees are more likely to personalise a clean space, further enhancing their sense of belonging and connection with work.


Improved collaboration


  • A clean office creates a positive first impression for clients and colleagues alike, also having a knock-on effect for work productivity.
  • It conveys a sense of professionalism and respect for those who work there. 
  • This positive presentation can foster better collaboration and communication within the team, as a clean space encourages interaction and a sense of shared responsibility for maintaining a professional environment.


For more information about how all the above supports mental health and productivity skills at work, here is our guide on how to improve staff morale with a clean space in the office.


How better health leads to productivity benefits for the office


A clutter-free and clean office environment has a direct impact on employee engagement and personal development.


And in terms of measuring employee productivity… According to market research company Gitnux, you can measure productivity for a clean office.


Employees are 70% more productive when working in a clean and organised office space, rather than clutter and mess – that’s an impressive employee productivity improvement!


As mentioned, a clean office can boost concentration and efficiency. It can also improve collaboration and team relationships.


All this supports more efficient working and therefore, improving employee productivity in the workplace.


In particular, clean air and surfaces help reduce the spread of illness in the workplace and therefore, the number of sick days and hours of lost productivity.


By investing in a consistently clean office, employers can increase employee productivity by creating an office where staff thrive and do their best work.


In short, the physical and psychological health benefits of a clean office contribute to a happier, more focused and ultimately, better workplace productivity.


Final thoughts: Boosting work productivity with a clean office


Naturally, employee health has an impact too. When employees are healthy, they miss fewer days due to illness, reducing absenteeism and presenteeism – working while sick, but at a lower capacity.


Healthy employees also tend to have sharper focus, better problem-solving skills, and more energy, allowing them to accomplish more in a workday.


By investing in employee wellness, businesses see a boost in productivity and potentially, a stronger bottom line. Measuring productivity, this can also lead to improved morale and reduced turnover, further benefiting the company!


Of course, there are many other ways to influence employee productivity – for example, through a better work-life balance or company culture.


Some studies even suggest that office pets are a good way to improve productivity in the workplace. If you’re considering this, our guide also explores how you can still maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene even with pets on the premises.


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Now you know how cleanliness can increase overall productivity at work, if you’re looking for exceptional commercial office cleaning in London, please don’t hesitate to contact Think FM.

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